IMG_20150427_030943 - Copy (2)“I summoned you to curse mine enemies, but you have blessed them these three times.” — Numbers 24:10

Beloved, the enemy wants to do one of three things — devour you, discourage you or distract you. But it isn’t going to work because whatever the enemy meant for evil in your life, God will turn it around for your good! Why? Because today God is overruling every curse in your life!

To overrule means to disallow or to make void. It means to exercise one’s superior authority — like the authority a judge has in a courtroom or like the authority God has over your life. When God overrules, no one can reverse it because His decision is final. That is why the devil can’t stand you! He tried to convince God that you have messdownload (1)ed up too many times to be blessed, but God has declared from on high, “Overruled!” No one can stop God from using you for His purpose because He has all power and authority in his hands. And when the hand of God is upon you no person, devil or demon can overrule His decision!

Today, let’s give honor to the overruling power of God! We serve a God who can take a curse and turn it into a blessing. He takes a problem and turns it into a praise. He takes a crisis and turns it into a shout. God can overrule every demonic decision and every strategy the enemy has devised to destroy you.

Don’t let fear rule you any longer because we serve a God who can overrule all things! How many of us, despite the promises that God has spoken in our lives, have allowed fear to cripple us so we don’t go after what God has for us? The antidote for fear is God’s promises. When you remind yourself of the promises of God, fear has to leave you!

The enemy will go to extreme measures to stop you from reaching your promise and advancing into your deliverance. But every lie, rejection, curse, heartache and problem have been overruled in the name of Jesus!  The same God who overruled Balaam when he tried to curse the children of Israel and instead blessed them three times is the same God who has authority over your life, so make room for a triple blessing — on your job, in your ministry, in your family!

I declare today that everything that the enemy has thrown at you is already void. The battle is over. You already have your breakthrough. There is nothing the enemy can do about it because the CASE is CLOSED!

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