Deborah’s Army 2015: Game Changers!


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It has always been on my heart to pour back into women in ministry and share some of my experiences to help them along their journey. On Oct. 30-31, the Lord blessed me to birth the First Annual Deborah’s Army Mentor Weekend in Washington, D.C. Women ministers and ministers-in-training came from 20 states and two countries to be educated, equipped and empowered.

The theme was “Game Changers!” and the training featured two power-packed days of relevant, informative ministry information.  IMG_20151105_171256

I taught sessions on “Game Changers” and “Rules of Engagement.” There also was a session on legal issues within your ministry taught by Damien Fields, President and CEO of HME Consulting Inc. My good friend in the ministry Bishop Millicent Hunter taught a session on “Preaching through the Digital Age,” and we both took questions during a powerful, no-holds barred Q&A period. I also held a panel discussion with my ministry dream team and then we held a closing commissioning ceremony during which each woman received a certificate for completing the training.

And to all of those amazing women who are a part of the Class of 2015, let’s keep the conversation going on social media. Let me know how you are being a game changer in your life and in your ministry. Use the hashtag #DeborahsArmy2015!

And for those who missed it, make sure you register to become a part of the Class of 2016. There is an army rising up to do a tremendous work on the Earth!


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Photo Gallery

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IMG_2152 IMG_2153 IMG_2154 IMG_2155 IMG_2156 IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_2162 IMG_2163 IMG_2164 IMG_2165 IMG_2166

20151031_144732 20151031_144557 IMG_20151106_113530 IMG_20151106_112517

And then some of the ladies stayed over to worship with Victory Grace Center on Sunday!

IMG_2122 IMG_2121 IMG_1606  FullSizeRender IMG_2124

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I Didn’t Know I Was This Pregnant!

FullSizeRender (12)Two years ago, I stood on the stage of MegaFest and preached the sermon, “I didn’t know I was this pregnant.” Two months ago I gave birth to Victory Grace Center, a new ministry that is strong, vibrant and growing with more than 400 members.

It is an exciting time at VGC as the Lord continues to bless us mightily. I just completed a powerful sermon series called “Watch Me Win,” and just began a new series called “Unbreakable.” Be sure to visit us or watch us online every Sunday at 10 a.m. EST.

On Oct. 30-31, I am hosting my first Deborah’s Army Mentor Weekend in Washington, D.C., for women who are licensed, ordained, or are ministers-in-training. Women from 23 states have registered and the event is currently sold out!

Also this weekend on Nov. 1, VGC will host our second “Vision 2 Victory” service featuring Bishop Rudolph McKissick and guest psalmist VaShawn Mitchell. If you can, plan to join us in person or watch us live online. Dr. Jamal Bryant and psalmist Jonathan Nelson kicked off the celebration last month and we had an amazing time!

Of course, nothing is birthed without prayer. Before launching VGC, I began a weekly prayer call as we sought God’s purpose. And we are still praying every Tuesday at 6:30 am EST. Dial in at (712) 775-7031 using access code 450797. More than 600 men and women from around the country joined our last call. You should start your day with prayer with us.

And the journey continues! I am making an exciting ministry announcement this Sunday, Nov. 1. You do not want to miss this. Make sure you tune in. #VGCintheDMV is the place to be!

And, as always, thank you for the outpouring of love, prayers and support during this season of Victory and Grace!


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You can purchase the sermon “I didn’t know I was pregnant” online at

Click below for a special video preview of November’s Vision 2 Victory service!

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Nothing is birthed without prayer!

Before launching Victory Grace Center, I began a weekly prayer call as we sought God’s purpose. And we are still praying every Tuesday at 6:30 am EST. Dial in at (712) 775-7031 using access code 450797. More than 600 men and women from around the country joined our last call. You should start your day with prayer with us.

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New Worship Location!

Praise the Lord!

VGC has a new worship location in the DMV.
Spread the word!


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Volunteer Training

We need all hands on deck as we continue to prepare to host Victory Grace Center’s inaugural worship service on Sept. 6. 

Please meet us:

Saturday, Aug. 29 @ 9 a.m.

FBCG Ministry Center

3600 Brightseat Road

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For VGC Correspondence

800-581-VGC1 (8421)

Worship Location:

Bladensburg High School

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Mailing Address:

Dr. Jazz Ministries

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Thank you all for your continued support through prayer and giving.
To make a donation to VGC, please visit the partnership page at and check the box for Victory Grace Center.
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Breaking News!

Dr. Jazz presents …


Location to be announced!

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The Journey Continues!


Greetings!I’m sharing this new blog post with you to keep you informed about what is next for me as God continues to direct and illuminate my path. And what an exciting, expectant time it is! As many of you already may know, I am planning to launch a ministry during Labor Day weekend. Thank you for the outpouring of love, prayers and support!

But, of course, nothing is birthed without prayer. So in this season, join me as we continue to pray for five specific things:

Pastor         People            Purpose         Place          Provision  

Additionally, we started our weekly Tuesday prayer calls and more than 450 people from all over the country dialed-in. Remember that prayer time is never wasted! Please plan to join us!

An Interest Meeting
God has planted me in the DC-MD-VA area to reach and win souls for His Kingdom! Do you want to volunteer or learn more about how you can help this great move of God? More than 200 people showed up for the initial interest meeting. Here is your chance to join us for prayer and planning.
I’m looking forward to seeing you!

Come Worship and Receive a Word from Dr. Jazz!
“He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day…” John 1:39
Join me for the launch of my new ministry!
Sunday, Sept. 6
10 a.m.
Place: TBD

PrayerWorks 2015 Prayer Summit

While we are in the midst of our 21 Days of Prayer for God’s Purpose, consider joining host Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams for two days of spiritual renewal and intensive prayer designed to bring healing and deliverance to individuals and the nation through prophetic intercession.

Go to for more information.


Make a Donation Today!

As we launch a new ministry and work toward securing a building, we need your support! Prayerfully consider partnering with me. Every seed of any size is greatly appreciated. All contributions are tax deductible. Click here to give online. Thank you in advance for partnering with me with your financial gift!

Let’s Stay Connected!
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Photo Gallery: Mountain Movers and San Fernando Open Bible Church


Photo Galleries:

Mountain Movers Deliverance Service at Laventille Open Bible Church

(click images to enlarge)

returning to the church where I got saved


in the Upper Room with Ms. Didier, who prayed that I would receive my visa to the U.S.

     TEJ_8476 TEJ_8461 TEJ_8462 TEJ_8464    TEJ_8493  TEJ_8496 TEJ_8506 TEJ_8508  TEJ_8521  _DSC6582 _DSC6574   TEJ_8526      _DSC6592_DSC6589          _DSC6597   TEJ_8537 TEJ_8538 _DSC6610 Have you signed up for my new email list? You can do so here.

San Fernando Open Bible Church

(click images to enlarge)

Rev. Cecil U. Quamina, Senior Pastor of the First Church of the Open Bible in San Fernando, and his wife, Rev. Deborah Quamina
Pastor Karen Alexis

     TEJ_8565       TEJ_8589   TEJ_8591   TEJ_8562  TEJ_8625 TEJ_8614 TEJ_8635      TEJ_8644 TEJ_8642  _DSC6633   _DSC6671   TEJ_8646 TEJ_8652                        TEJ_8581

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Photo Galleries:


IMG_20150427_030943 - Copy (2)“I summoned you to curse mine enemies, but you have blessed them these three times.” — Numbers 24:10

Beloved, the enemy wants to do one of three things — devour you, discourage you or distract you. But it isn’t going to work because whatever the enemy meant for evil in your life, God will turn it around for your good! Why? Because today God is overruling every curse in your life!

To overrule means to disallow or to make void. It means to exercise one’s superior authority — like the authority a judge has in a courtroom or like the authority God has over your life. When God overrules, no one can reverse it because His decision is final. That is why the devil can’t stand you! He tried to convince God that you have messdownload (1)ed up too many times to be blessed, but God has declared from on high, “Overruled!” No one can stop God from using you for His purpose because He has all power and authority in his hands. And when the hand of God is upon you no person, devil or demon can overrule His decision!

Today, let’s give honor to the overruling power of God! We serve a God who can take a curse and turn it into a blessing. He takes a problem and turns it into a praise. He takes a crisis and turns it into a shout. God can overrule every demonic decision and every strategy the enemy has devised to destroy you.

Don’t let fear rule you any longer because we serve a God who can overrule all things! How many of us, despite the promises that God has spoken in our lives, have allowed fear to cripple us so we don’t go after what God has for us? The antidote for fear is God’s promises. When you remind yourself of the promises of God, fear has to leave you!

The enemy will go to extreme measures to stop you from reaching your promise and advancing into your deliverance. But every lie, rejection, curse, heartache and problem have been overruled in the name of Jesus!  The same God who overruled Balaam when he tried to curse the children of Israel and instead blessed them three times is the same God who has authority over your life, so make room for a triple blessing — on your job, in your ministry, in your family!

I declare today that everything that the enemy has thrown at you is already void. The battle is over. You already have your breakthrough. There is nothing the enemy can do about it because the CASE is CLOSED!

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