Baltimore – We Can Be More!


Like many of you, I was saddened and prayerful as I watched the unfortunate events in Baltimore unfold on national television.  Baltimore is part of the DC-Maryland-Virginia region where I now call home. While the city was almost unrecognizable during the period of violence, fires and looting that erupted after the funeral of yet another fallen brother, Freddie Gray, I did recognize the deep hurt, desperation and even rage that may have fueled it for some.

Certainly, acting out is never the answer. What we need is serious dialogue and reconciliation with what is happening in our communities with our young people or there can never be true healing.

The young adults of the Jericho City of Praise will meet to discuss the recent events in Baltimore. Our goal is to give our young people a voice and strategize on how to continue to minister to those who are hurting in our communities.

And always, let us keep the residents of Baltimore — and our entire nation — lifted in prayer.

Jazz Name