Dancing with Broken Bones Conference in Trinidad May 28-30


Many of you have heard me tell my story before. I lived in a shack in a tiny village on the Island of Trinidad. When I was a child, my mother would frequently ask me to go to a neighbor’s house for ice for our household. The dirty, little secret is my neighbor would touch me inappropriately in return for the ice. My beloved mother, Nell Wiltshire, died without ever knowing about my molestation. A few years later, members of my village pitched in and bought me a plane ticket for the United States. With $32 in my pocket, I left Trinidad and I said I would never go back.

Since leaving that island, I’ve learned to dance with the broken bones of fear, rejection and unforgiveness. I found strength — in spite of all of my brokenness — through my faith, which is founded in my relationship with God and God’s Word. And through my journey, I’ve learned that God cannot heal what we conceal.

Last year, God shifted me! Because my bones are no longer broken, God told me that I must go back to that island and that village. You must reveal to heal. This should be a way of life for all of us — it is for me. And it is for this reason that I will return to Trinidad in May to host my “Dancing with Broken Bones” Conference. There will be workshops and worship services featuring dynamic preachers including Rev. Karen Alexis, Elder D. B. Jeffers and Minister Ivy McGregor.

My hometown Laventille

I also will return to my village with my team to do mission work. We plan to distribute school supplies, build wells, build houses and provide other services. Although I’ve said many times that I would never return to my village or even Trinidad, I must. I must rescue other little girls. I must do my part to save other Daughters of Thunder.

Please join me in impacting lives in Trinidad. You can receive more information about the “Dancing with Broken Bones” conference online at IAmDrJazz.org or you can call 868.759.0471. Bookmark this blog to receive the latest information, or reach out to me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can also partner with me with a $32 seed to support a school supplies drive for the children in my native country. In Trinidad and Tobago, we have a slogan that simply says, “Together we aspire. Together we achieve.” I believe we can aspire and achieve so much more for the kingdom of God when we work together.

Thank you for your support for this great work of God. And please keep the “Dancing with Broken Bones” Conference and mission trip covered in prayer.

 Jazz Name

7 thoughts on “Dancing with Broken Bones Conference in Trinidad May 28-30

  1. I bless the Lord for the revelations that He has given you, all glory and honour he to His name. As I was seeking on youtube trying to find a sermon or song that would speak to my current situation, I came across “I didn’t know I was pregnant”and I don’t believe it was by coincidence but I had a divine appointment and today as I continue seeking and searching I came across ,Don’t bury it just yet” woooooow the Lord is good. It’s only been two days and two sermons but I can feel a SNEEZE coming my way, something is about to be resurrected!!

    I bless the Lord, thank you O Vessel of God!!


  2. Blessings to you Woman of God.
    I honor you for Progresses beyond
    Your past.
    You are Truly any Amazing Woman
    One to look up to and follow!
    If the Good Lord should give you a word for me please drop out off!
    Keep me in your thoughts and your


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